All e-Book proceeds from this anthology will benefit LGBTQ+ mental health organizations.
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Anti Valentine

An MM Romance Anthology )

This Valentine’s Day…the bad boys come out to play…

Get ready for an anti-Valentine to remember in this limited release M/M romance anthology. Sixteen authors have come together to bring you a collection of brand-new short stories with a combination of dark, enemies to lovers, and bully themes.

Participating authors: Andi Jaxon, Ashley James, Ashlyn Drewek, Bailey Nicole, Becca Steele, Bethany Winters, C. Lymari, CE Ricci, Hayden Hall, Isabel Lucero, J.R. Gray, Jessie Walker, Misty Walker, Nicole Dykes, Riley Nash, T. Ashleigh

All eBook proceeds from this anthology will benefit LGBTQ+ mental health organizations.

Brazen Affairs 

(Hidden Affairs Book 1) 

My entire life has been one steady plan after another.

Go to college.

Get married.

Have a successful career.

More than a decade goes by, and my entire world is rocked in more ways than one. Everything I thought I knew is ripped from under me in one fell swoop.

Then I meet him.

The enticing man behind the camera with the boyish grin and the charismatic energy that makes me question everything.

He was only supposed to be a means to an end. But what I got was so much more.


( Full-Length Standalone )

Cash DeMarco

Five years ago, I gave my heart and soul to my professor. He made me fall for him, only to destroy me with his silence. I’ve never been the same. I finally have the chance to leave this town, start over, and try to move on with my life. But what happens when fate insists the chapter of your life that haunts you isn’t over?

Stone Philips

He was the temptation I shouldn’t have divulged in. The secret that ruined everything. He was the beginning to my end, and when I left, I left as the shell of the man I once was. Just like with the angriest of storms, when he walks back into my life, destruction and chaos are never far behind. The universe has a funny way of bringing everything full circle, opening old wounds, and forcing you to face your destiny.

Illicit Desires

(Book Three in The Deepest Desires Series)


Crew Collins

The rush of the high. The mind tingling feeling of that first line. This secret of mine has spiraled out of control, but I can’t stop. The drugs fill a void, helping me feel something and nothing all at once.

But him… He makes me feel everything.

Anderson Walker

He’s been my best friend for as long as I can remember. Thick as thieves. Life happened, our friendship has changed. Now I’m left with feelings I don’t know what to do with. There’s more to him hidden beneath the surface.

A dangerous secret.

A deadly obsession.

Love is worth fighting for. And the battle has just begun…


Forsaken Desires 

(Book Two in The Deepest Desires Series)

Aston Walker
One night changed everything for me… I walked into that party surrounded by friends and walked out with an enemy. It’s been two years and I still have no idea why he hates me. Now, we’re forced to work together, and I’m going to enjoy getting under his skin. 

 Knox Finnegan
I never knew someone could annoy me as much as he does. He’s starting to break down my carefully built walls, when I really need to keep him as far away as possible. He’s a temptation I can’t afford, a desire I’ve tried to bury.

But feelings can’t hide forever…

Barred Desires 

(Book One in The Deepest Desires Series)


Luca Gray Hart 

I have everything I could ever want – a great family, awesome friends, a girlfriend, and I’m headed off to my dream college. 

But the past is always there, lurking like a shadow in the night…

Branson Joseph Adler

I love men. I love everything about them. Their feel. Their smell. Their taste. It’s no secret to my friends and family that I’m gay. 

But I do have one secret…

What happens when you give in to the temptation and your world turns upside down?

It’s forbidden.

But it’s ours.